1,3-propane Sultone

1,3-propane Sultone
1,3-propane Sultone
Product Description

1,3-propane Sultone 


Trade name: 1,3-propane sultone 

Molecular formula C3H6O3S

Assay :99.9%

Appearance: Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid(C)Colorless and transparent crystalline.(<31C)

Water-solubility: Hardly soluble in water 


Grade: Pharmaceutical grade(99%) and Electronic grade(99.9%)


Application: It is an important chemical intermediates that used as the starting material for many electroplating chemical intermediates, sensitizing dye anionic Gemini surfactants. In addition, it is used into secondary lithium ion solution to improve recycling life .

Package: 25 Kgs Per Drum

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