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Zinc Plating Chemical

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  1. Mome Aqueous Cationic Polymer

    MOME Intermediates For Zinc Plating.CAS No.: 109882-76-0 Chemical name:Cationic polymer in water Appearance: Red-brown liquid Assay: 40%
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  2. N Benzylniacin

    BPC/1-Benzyl pyridinium-3-carboxylate/N-Benzylniacin CAS:15990-43-9 Purity:>=98%Appearance:colorless to light yellow clear liquid with bitter almond odor
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  3. Germany Original Basf G-35

    Germany original BASF G-35
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  4. Japan Original EPOMIN Polyethyleneimine

    Japan original EPOMIN polyethyleneimine
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  5. The Compound Of Imidazole And Epichlorohydri

    Plating intermediate the compound of imidazole and epichlorohydrin /68794-57-9
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  6. Cationic Polymer

    cationic polymer Cas:10882-76-0
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  7. IMZ Imidazole

    288-32-4 IMZ(Imidazole)
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  8. BAR Benzalacetone

    BAR(Benzalacetone)/CAS No.1896-62-4
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  9. BPC (N-Benzylniacin)

    BPC (N-Benzylniacin)/CAS No.15990-43-9
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  10. OCBA 2-Chlorobenzaldehyde

    OCBA(2-Chlorobenzaldehyde )/CAS No.89-88-5
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